I think it’s time everyone should know about my intense love for Bacon. This beautiful cut of meat is just too hard to resist due to the fact that it’s jammed packed with some of the most intense, delicious flavours known to man. It’s fatty drippings are a welcome addition to almost anything added into the pan and in my opinion, bacon should be included in every meal! Just kidding, but it’s just so darn good!

IMG_0508Photo Credit to Sebastien Bélanger-King.

I prefer a thick cut of bacon so that it can withstand the oven or, when cooked in a skillet, the high searing temperatures. My absolute favorite place to buy bacon is at the Atwater Market located in the St. Henri district of Montreal. The butchers store is called Boucherie de Tours and it is located inside the building, close to the Premiere Moisson. They have the best bacon I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. You can chose how many strips you’d like to take home and their bacon is of a very reasonable price. This butcher also has a vast selection of beef, veal, lamb, chicken, and other specialty meats. I highly suggest that everyone should experience these delicious products at least once in their lifetime. This particular batch was cooked up in a cast iron and added into bacon pancakes!

One thought on “BACON

  1. Hi Jackie… have such a knack for describing how delicious bacon is….lucky me…I have had the pleasure of eating this delicious bacon because of YOU…..hugs and lots of love
    Tantie Madxo

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